Affiliate Program

Hi, welcome back, We've met before over at Deals on Tips. It's good to meet you again and we're really glad you're keen on referring Deals on Tips to other people.

Imagine earning a passive income simply by referring users to our site or promoting our services and products. When a user clicks your referral link and purchases an item or order a service he wants, you will receive a percentage of that person's purchase. If that sounds like something you want to do, read on to find out how it all works.

Read on for details about your responsibilities, how it all works and the process of earning a referral income with us.

How it works

All members of Deals on Tips can act as affiliates. Just register/login to Deals on Tips and go to affiliate section.

If you refer a user who makes a purchase or order a service on Deals on Tips, you will receive 20% of their every spend.

For Example: If they buy an item costing $100, you will receive $20, if they order for a service for $900 you will receive $180.

  • Deals on Tips uses cookies to track users who have clicked on your link, so they must have cookies enabled.
  • If a user clears their cookies, they will no longer be tracked.
  • Once a user clicks a link, they have 90 days to order from Deals on Tips before the cookie expires.
  • Earnings from the affiliate program appear in your account's affiliate section.
  • Bouncing links off other domains are not allowed.
  • If a user has visited the Deals on Tips and then clicks a referral link, it still counts as an affiliate link.
  • The referral program is subject to a fair usage policy which, gives Deals on Tips the right to review all referrals.

Referral link:

Head to affiliate section of your profile. You will get your link from there. just like>

here ?aff=1 is your affiliate id.

Send traffic to any page on Deals on Tips while adding ?aff=your code to the end of the URL.

Earnings payment:

We will pay your Affiliate Program earnings from the Affiliate Program in line. In order for us to do this, you authorise us to collect payments for your new user referrals, to credit with your earnings, and to distribute your earnings to you.

We will pay your Affiliate Program commissions to net 30 days.

We'll make payments of your earnings based on minimum threshold of $50 USD.

Payment errors: We will continue to hold your earnings if we're not able to pay your earnings to you for whatever reason, including if:
we do not have the correct payment details;
we can't contact you using the contact details that you have supplied;
you are asking for payment to be made to a person, or to an institution that we're prohibited from making payments to at law or where there are limitations in the banking systems.

Go forth and refer!

We're very glad you've made it to the end of this important document. You can head over to the affiliate page where you can generate your referral code.

Last updated: March 31st, 2017