Help documentation for DoT Products extra details

BE TASK-ORIENTED Most help documentation is task-oriented: it’s designed to guide readers through the steps they need to follow to complete a task. The best documentation will save readers time by helping them complete their tasks quickly. The way that you present information has a big impact on how useful it will be to your readers. USE INTRODUCTIONS In most cases, a document shouldn’t start with a set of instructions. Instead, offer context with an introductory comment or define a key concept about the topic. Decide what information readers need before they scan the instructions. This is also true for the document’s subsections. USE NUMBERED STEPS Divide up the instructions in a way that reflects how the reader might think of the task. Use numbered steps for each part of the task. This helps to hold your reader’s attention, and makes it easier for them to switch between a help document and Shopify to complete the task.

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